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  • Twiggy and Steed

    Dressed To Kill with Twiggy and The Avengers

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    Here at Voices of East Anglia we’re no strangers to the world of sixties Spy-fi duo John Steed and Emma Peel. In the past we’ve covered the very short lived 1971 London stage play of The Avengers and cleaned up with some 1960s lux soap ads...

  • The Avengers Stage Play

    The Avengers Stage Play

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    OK you lot. Who out there knew The Avengers once had their own stage play? Well, neither did we until we stumbled across some rather interesting photos and decided to dig a bit deeper. It was 1971; the stage play was technically tricky and massively ambitious...

  • Six Million Dollar Safari Suit 1970s

    Six Million Dollar Safari Suit

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    Sometime back we looked at the original books behind successful films in our Script Bare (geddit?) post and the first book cover in that particular post was Martin Caidin’s 1972 best-selling novel Cyborg. The following year this was snaffled up, loosely...

  • pink panther

    Doug Goodwin – From The Pink Panther to Northern Soul

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    Songwriter, composer, pianist, author and carpenter – Doug Goodwin is a man of many talents, a man who has written a number of songs you definitely will have heard of and also the man behind a record that is up there with the very best Northern Soul...

  • Wayne Manor

    Do The Batusi – Wayne Manor Night Club

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    Whilst our clubbing years are some way behind us now, if someone had the foresight and ambition to open a Batman themed night-club nearby we’d almost certainly be there in a flash, bang and with a kerpow thrown in for good measure. Admittedly this seems...