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  • Ray Charles Tour 1963

    Hit The Road – Ray Charles Souvenir Brochure

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    The life and times of pioneering American musician Ray Charles has been well documented over the years, so we won’t go into great detail with a lengthy biography of the man that was sometimes known as “The Genius”. Another reason to keep...

  • Martha The Queen

    Martha Jean ‘The Queen’ Steinberg – African-American Icon

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    As one of the first female DJs and also one of the first African-American DJs in the States Martha Jean ‘The Queen’ Steinberg was hugely influential, progressive, inspirational and not one to shy away from a challenge. Born Martha Jean Jones in Memphis,...

  • Palm Beach

    Palm Beach Pop – 1969 Style

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    Now this must have been one hell of a weekend even if it was held at the end of November and the weather was, well let’s just say it was typical festival conditions. It was the only US festival the Rolling Stones played in 1969, almost all the original...

  • The Shadows of Knight

    The Shadows of Knight – Doin’ The Potato Chip

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    Recently on our Facebook page we posted a picture of a packet of crisps featuring seventies rockers Slade. After making this discovery we thought we would have a good rummage around the web for more of the same, alas we found nothing. However our time...

  • pink panther

    Doug Goodwin – From The Pink Panther to Northern Soul

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    Songwriter, composer, pianist, author and carpenter – Doug Goodwin is a man of many talents, a man who has written a number of songs you definitely will have heard of and also the man behind a record that is up there with the very best Northern Soul...