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  • jet magazine

    The Best Photos from Jet Magazine

    • 3081 Views • 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, MagazineComments Off

    Do you want to see Jazz singing legend Billie Holiday (sort of) skiing in Switzerland? Have you ever wanted to see a pipe smoking model strut down a catwalk? Have you ever pondered what Soul man Chuck Jackson would like as a Beatle?  Well, you’ve...

  • Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner – The Pyjama-Clad Activist

    • 4136 Views • 1960s, 1970s, MagazineComments Off

    Whilst we know Hugh Hefner is a bit of a lecherous pyjama-clad slimy toad; albeit a somewhat dry and wrinkly pyjama-clad slimy toad these days, we do have a degree of admiration for his, well, let’s call it his chutzpah. We know his contribution to...

  • The Black Leopard

    Die Swart Luiperd

    • 6275 Views • 1970s, Book Covers, Literature, MagazineComments Off

    As another part of our occasional series focusing on men dressed up with big cat heads, which kicked off with the seminal Lee Lion Head ads, we now take a trip to the South African veldt and cast our beady eye on Die Swart Luiperd also known as The Black...

  • 1967 Japanese Magazine

    Turning Japanese – 1960s Young Woman Magazine

    • 9878 Views • 1960s, Fashion, Magazine1 Comment

    Now we head East, bypass Lowestoft and jet over to the land of the rising sun to check out some great images from this groovy 1969 Japanese fashion magazine – Young Woman...

  • GQ

    We’ve got it Covered – GQ through the Ages

    • 4673 Views • 1960s, Fashion, Literature, MagazineComments Off

    We’re not really the kind of chaps who subscribe to men’s magazines but, hey, if they’re lying around in a dentist’s waiting room we’ll have a crafty scan through to see what we’re missing out on. To get an idea of which men were considered cool...