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  • 1967 rap party

    That’s a Wrap – 1967 Point Blank Party

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    When English director John Boorman had completed filming the classic 1967 thriller Point Blank, he decided to celebrate the occasion by bringing a slice of swinging sixties London to sunny Los Angeles in America for the wrap party. Mingling amongst the...

  • woody allen

    Woody Allen and Tamara Dobson

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    It seems to be quite the fashion in media circles these days to wage war on Woody Allen and criticise him at every turn. Whilst we’d be the first to admit not all his films over the years have reached the heights of Annie Hall we would also defend him, his...

  • Yardbirds Garden Gig

    The Yardbirds Garden Gig

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    Back to 1964 and an impromptu gig by The Yardbirds in the back garden of writer and political activist Baron Willis. It seems he’d been very critical of the Beatles’ fans of the time and presumably was a bit perplexed by all this new-fangled pop music...

  • Eusebio record shop

    Hanging Out in Record Shops in the Swinging Sixties

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    Recently a picture of Jimi Hendrix in a record shop featured on the official poster to promote the annual Record store day. So we thought we’d have a dig around for some more photos of stars from the swinging sixties hanging around in various vinyl...

  • Jayne Mansfield for president

    Jayne Mansfield – Doing the Monkey Bird

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    When a Hollywood actress noted for her publicity stunts whose star is on the wane meets an up and coming soul singer (who happens to be touring Europe with his band) in a hotel on the French Riviera what is the likely outcome? Of course, said soul singer...