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  • Swingers

    Singers and Swingers In The Kitchen

    • 7175 Views • 1960s, Book Covers, Food, Literature, MusicComments Off

    Feeling hungry? Thought so. How do you fancy a little something from the ‘scene-makers cookbook’? Or as the cover notes say: ‘Dozens of nutty, turned-on, easy-to-prepare recipes from the grooviest gourmets happening.’ Now before you start sniggering,...

  • 1970s kitchen ads

    Kitsch Kitchen Ads

    • 5897 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Food, Retro AdvertisingComments Off

    Back now to a time when fondue parties were all the rage, when you couldn’t cross the road without a neighbour insisting on inviting you to their Tupperware party and of course the invention of the ‘greatest cooking discovery since fire’ – the...

  • Manwich Go Ape

    Go Ape Over A Manwich

    • 2437 Views • 1960s, 1970s, FoodComments Off

    As the strap-line says ‘a sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal’. Yes, welcome to the world of slightly odd American foodstuffs and what our cousins across the pond call Sloppy Joe sauce. Consisting of a seasoned tomato sauce and cooked ground...

  • The Supremes breaad

    Loafing Around – The Supremes White Bread

    • 2222 Views • 1960s, Ephemera, Food, Retro AdvertisingComments Off

    Berry Gordy was not only a very clever chap when it came to spotting talent and developing a record label that went on to conquer the world he was also a bit of a marketing whizz too. It’s no coincidence that Motown got it right almost all the time and...

  • Len Deighton's Cook Book

    Len Deighton’s Action Cookbook

    • 3694 Views • 1960s, Book Covers, Food, Literature1 Comment

    We’ve written about Len Deighton before when we looked at the mysterious Spy Story. Here we take a look at another side of Deighton’s scribing talents with his noted cookbook appropriately enough called Len Deighton’s Action Cookbook. It was...