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  • sixties brazil

    Swinging Sixties London in Caracas

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    It’s been very well documented over the years that the city of London was the hip and happening place to be during the swinging sixties. However in this short newsreel from 1969 we move away from England to see how the influence of Carnaby street...

  • 70s

    I’m Just a Seventies Fashion Fair Cosmetics Advert

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    During the seventies Ebony magazine published a series of adverts for the company Fashion Fair Cosmetics. The advertising campaign featured famous female stars of the time with the humble tagline “I’m Just…” Celebrities promoting the...

  • 1960s fashion show

    Ten Swinging Sixties Fashion Shows on Film

    • 1925 Views • 1960s, FashionComments Off on Ten Swinging Sixties Fashion Shows on Film

    With over 85,000 clips in their video vault on you tube, we thought it was time to have a dig around the Pathe films archives for some more pop culture gems from the past. After wading through hours and hours of fashion film footage from Pathe, It’s...

  • 70s vest

    The Vest of Everything

    • 2615 Views • 1960s, 1970s, FashionComments Off on The Vest of Everything

    Ah yes, the humble vest or as it is also known the waistcoat or weskit. An item beloved of snooker players, wearers of dodgy suits, those crazy steampunk types, Germans and apparently Take That too. We’ve covered a broad spectrum there for sure. It seems...

  • Twiggy and Steed

    Dressed To Kill with Twiggy and The Avengers

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    Here at Voices of East Anglia we’re no strangers to the world of sixties Spy-fi duo John Steed and Emma Peel. In the past we’ve covered the very short lived 1971 London stage play of The Avengers and cleaned up with some 1960s lux soap ads...