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  • pop and shop 1966

    Pop and Shop – 1966 Underground Antics

    • 4081 Views • 1960s, Documentary, Fashion, MusicComments Off on Pop and Shop – 1966 Underground Antics

    It’s 1966, it’s Oxford Street in the heart of swinging London, it’s a bit nippy outside by the looks of it and a new concept has hit the streets – or more accurately hit the basements beneath the streets but you know what we mean....

  • ray manzarek

    Behind Closed Doors – Ray Manzarek

    • 3394 Views • 1960s, 1990s, Documentary, Music, TelevisionComments Off on Behind Closed Doors – Ray Manzarek

    We don’t really do obituaries here at VoEA as many others do it so much better than we ever could. However when we see a side to someone that others seem to have missed we like to flag it up and bring it to the attention of our good readers, so here goes....

  • Student Radio

    Radio Student – Keeping it Reel Since 1969

    • 2991 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Documentary, MusicComments Off on Radio Student – Keeping it Reel Since 1969

    Radio Student is a Slovenian Radio station, and is one of Europe’s oldest non commercial stations starting broadcasting in 1969. The station was started by the students of Ljubljana after a turbulent 1968 in which it was decided that the students needed...

  • mods

    Mod Trilogy – They Call Us Misfits Documentary

    • 7348 Views • 1960s, Documentary, Film, Youth CultureComments Off on Mod Trilogy – They Call Us Misfits Documentary

    They Call Us Misfits or They Call Us Mods ( Dom kallar oss mods) is a 1968 Swedish documentary that was directed, produced and written by Stefan Jarl and Jan Lindqvist. This video is their first film in the Mods Trilogy series, the second film A Decent life...

  • sharpies

    Stay Sharpie – One Night in Adelaide

    • 4296 Views • 1960s, Documentary, Youth Culture1 Comment

    Evolutionary biologists have long been fascinated with the development of species on the Australian sub-continent and the way they have evolved without the effect of any external influences to create such unique creatures as kangaroos, wallabies and koala...

  • Daisy Age

    De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising

    • 4712 Views • 1980s, Documentary, FoodComments Off on De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising

    Fancy watching a bit of rare hip-hop footage from way back in March 1989? Yeah? Good, then settle down and check out this Press Kit video, essentially a promotional piece, detailing the history and influences behind De La Soul’s seminal debut release 3...

  • pathe-60s

    Sixties British Pathe Short Films

    • 4254 Views • 1960s, Documentary, FilmComments Off on Sixties British Pathe Short Films

    Long before the days when we all had multiple TVs at home and way before the concept of 24 hour rolling news was even dreamt of, people would get their news updated from the radio, newspapers and if they wanted any visual content they would go and watch a...

  • birthplace of hip-hop

    New York: 1520 Sedgwick Avenue – Birthplace of Hip-Hop

    • 8695 Views • 1970s, Documentary, Music3 Comments

    As with a lot of new trends the beginning of hip-hop as we know it was more than likely an evolutionary journey rather than just one single event. It seems that in New York in the early 1970s a number of people were experimenting with little-known funk...

  • Stevie Wonder Listening Party

    Stevie Wonder 1976 Listening Party Film

    • 2991 Views • 1970s, Documentary, Music, VinylComments Off on Stevie Wonder 1976 Listening Party Film

    In a previous post we featured the Wonderbus which drove around Sydney, Australia promoting Stevie Wonder’s classic album “Songs in The Key of Life”. This time we have a rare thirty minute film which shows Stevie dressed as a cowboy at the...

  • Sixto Rodriguez

    Sixto Rodriguez – Searching For Sugar Man

    • 32734 Views • 1970s, Documentary, Film, Music1 Comment

    Those of you familiar with the work of David Holmes may already be aware of Sixto Rodriguez and his blend of laid-back trippy Latin American acoustic folk but may not know the remarkable back-story to his career. For those of you not already familiar with the...