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Archive for the ‘1990s’ Category

  • Mo Wax

    Headz Up: Mo’ Wax – Urban Archaeology

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    It’s hard to believe and we are struggling to see quite where the time has gone but legendary UK hip-hop label Mo’ Wax Records first started some 21 years ago and although they’ve not been around since 2002 they will be celebrating a big chunk of UK...

  • ray manzarek

    Behind Closed Doors – Ray Manzarek

    • 1938 Views • 1960s, 1990s, Documentary, Music, Television2 Comments

    We don’t really do obituaries here at VoEA as many others do it so much better than we ever could. However when we see a side to someone that others seem to have missed we like to flag it up and bring it to the attention of our good readers, so here goes....

  • DJ Format and Boca 45

    Boca 45 & DJ Format – The Golden Era

    • 1320 Views • 1990s, DJ mix, MusicComments Off

    We’re feeling generous so here’s an extra special treat for all you old skool hip-hop headz. Messrs Boca 45 and DJ Format digging out beats old and new that have a certain special something – that Golden Era sound. They’ve put it up on Soundcloud and...

  • Edwin Starr

    Movin on Up – Edwin Starr Covers Primal Scream

    • 1618 Views • 1990s, Film, MusicComments Off

    Originally we were going to pop this cover version into our Unexpected Gems category. However it didn’t meet our strict criteria, as we like quite a lot of Primal Scream and Edwin Starr’s work – the same can’t be said for Cliff...

  • The Pasadenas

    Unexpected Gems – The Pasadenas I Believe in Miracles

    • 1444 Views • 1990s, MusicComments Off

    Best known as the Jackson Sisters‘ rare groove classic,’ I Believe in Miracles’ has always been a guaranteed dancefloor filler and one of those records that is still considered a classic to this day...