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    I’m Just a Seventies Fashion Fair Cosmetics Advert

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    During the seventies Ebony magazine published a series of adverts for the company Fashion Fair Cosmetics. The advertising campaign featured famous female stars of the time with the humble tagline “I’m Just…” Celebrities promoting the...

  • Yonge Street 1970

    Street Life in Seventies Toronto

    • 1395 Views • 1970s1 Comment

    Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about it (On Yonge Street) It’s fifty seven miles long and was once thought to be the longest street in the world  – we won’t bore you with the details. Also, from the 1930s through to 2007 it was home to...

  • Japanese 1970s film posters

    Super Seventies Japanese Film Posters

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    Here we have the long awaited sequel to our Swinging sixties Japanese film posters feature. This time we head back to the seventies and focus on Western movie posters recreated for the general public in Japan. Now take a seat, grab your overpriced...

  • Australian women's Weekly Swinging sixties

    Australian Women’s Weekly Adverts

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    G’day mate. A few words on Australia Women’s Weekly or simply The Weekly as it is more commonly known. For ages it was the biggest selling magazine down under but has recently been usurped by Better Homes & Gardens. The Weekly has been going over 80...

  • Alan Aldridge Book Covers

    Twenty Alan Aldridge Book Covers

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    Avid readers of Voices of East Anglia may remember that we’ve previously covered the work of psychedelic artist and designer Alan Aldridge in our post titled The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes Here we take a look at Aldridge’s book cover designs and...