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  • 70s vest

    The Vest of Everything

    1960s, 1970s, Fashion • 295 Views

    Ah yes, the humble vest or as it is also known the waistcoat or weskit. An item beloved of snooker players, wearers of dodgy suits, those crazy steampunk types, Germans and apparently Take That too. We’ve covered a broad spectrum there for sure.

    It seems the vest as it was originally named is one of those items whose provenance can be dated very precisely, which is rare in clothing terms. Brace yourselves for a brief but nonetheless interesting history lesson. During the Restoration when the English, Scottish and Irish monarchies were all restored under the rule of Charles II in 1660 the good king introduced them as part of what he saw as the correct dress code for gentlemen. The vest as it was known was later called the waistcoat when it was cut shorter to waist level when formal coats (or suit jackets) began to be cut shorter. There is another theory that they were cut from the waste material left over from when a two piece suit had been made and were known as waste-coats but it seems some historians have lately cast doubt on that particular theory. Continue Reading

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  • Brenton House Colorado

    The Barnacle Influenced Brenton House

    1970s, Architecture • 826 Views

    Here we feature another in our occasional series looking at slightly oddball houses that have featured in movies and take a timely look at the Brenton House in Boulder, Colorado. If it appears familiar and you are a fan of the work of Woody Allen you may well have seen it in Sleeper but there’s more to it than just that as it is also known for its unique design and for having been influenced by that noted architectural inspiration – barnacles. Continue Reading

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  • Walter Pichler tv helmet

    Walter Pichler – Austrian Avant-Garde Architectural Artist

    1960s, Architecture, Futuristic • 547 Views

    Sometimes people are defined by a single event or moment in their lives despite there often being a multitude of other reasons they could go down in history. Step forward Walter Pichler, noted Austrian artist and architect and the man who invented the TV Helmet – an idea clearly years ahead of its time but also a visionary comment on the isolated and anti-social nature of excessive TV watching. Continue Reading

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  • Capture

    College of the Mainland Yearbook

    1960s, 1970s • 723 Views

    We are particularly chuffed we’ve stumbled across this yearbook of cracking Ivy League wearing 1960s students but the icing on the cake is the fact that the College of the Mainland is on the mainland portion of Galveston County – some of our favourite clothes combined with one of our favourite records plus some 1960s karate club students, oh yes. Continue Reading

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  • Beetleboards

    Beetleboard – Brilliant Bug Based Billboards

    1970s, Retro Advertising, Transport • 2872 Views

    When it comes to good ideas it’s the simple ones that are generally the best. So, back in 1971 when L.A based advertising consultant Charles E, Bird was strolling through a campus car park on his way to address a college class he couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of student owned VW Beetles. As a specialist in advertising to the youth market he’d been struggling to find a way to get the message across to the younger generation through traditional established media and was looking for something different that would appeal to the demographic but didn’t have associations with the man. Continue Reading

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