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Junior Walker and The All stars at The Ram Jam Club

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It’s not very often we just post-up a You Tube clip as they tend to be taken down as quickly as they go up and if you want to look at You Tube then we guess you know what you’re looking for and don’t need our assistance. However, this clip of Junior Walker and the All Stars really is something else and comes highly recommended.

During 2012 a number of clips of the 1960s French equivalent to Ready Steady Go – Bouton Rouge (Red Button) popped-up on You Tube and featured much rare, previously unseen footage including some Small Faces performances which sent fans of Steve Marriott et al into raptures. These have been shared around on other blogs so we’ll leave those be for now but we feel morally obliged to post this remarkable Junior Walker footage. If you want to experience a live performance and feel what’s it’s like to be on-stage with the band then you could do a lot worse than check this out. Like we say it’s good and the band are tighter than …. well let’s just say they’re about as good as a live band can get.


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