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The Changeover – 1971 Decimal Day

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We grew up in a time when pocket money was paid in pence and (If you were lucky) pounds, so we don’t really know our shillings from our thrupenny bits. Now we go back and take a look at some of the publications and images that would prepare you for Decimal Day back in 1971.

For Youngsters the popular comic The Dandy published a Decimal Day cover warning readers to get their new pennies ready for Korky the cat. And if you missed the comic cover there were new decimal chocolate coins and ..um a knitting pattern to remind you.

To add some sex appeal to the changeover we’ve got a picture of actress Valerie Leon posing by a Decimal coins poster, and just to make sure you hadn’t forgot a year later Hammer films Girl Caroline Munro was there to jog your memory in a bronze coin bikini.



Decimal Money



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