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Do The Rit Thing – Dye Adverts

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Here we have an assortment of adverts that have more Tie-dye than an audience at a Grateful Dead concert – well perhaps not that much. Although Tie-die is a fairly modern phrase created in the mid-sixties, the earliest examples of the technique originates way-way back in Peru from 500 to 810 AD.

The Rit brand dye first first hit the high streets over a hundred years ago, they promoted their new product with the catchy slogan “Never say Dye, Say Rit” in 1917. These advertisements date back to the mid-sixties through to the seventies when Tie-dye was at it’s prime.It was an era when it was trendy to brighten up your plain bed sheets, Flower Power-up some old jeans, make psychedelic canvas art for your home or  turn your hot pants into hot stuff.


rit advert


rit dye ad






1969 dye advert


Rit 60s ad






tie dye


Rit-dye advert


70s rit advert


Viva Rit

Rit Dye Advert


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