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QSL Cards – Soviet Style

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A while back we posted about some groovy US QSL cards we’d discovered in a dusty vault in the deep recesses of the Internet and now, by way of a complete geographical and political contrast, one of our good readers has very kindly shared his collection of Soviet QSL cards.

We guess this proves that radio hams (or CBers – we’re not entirely sure of the correct term so we’ll hedge our bets) share the same love of communication wherever they hail from even if they can’t necessarily understand each other.

Whether or not these Soviet cards are a reflection of the more earnest times they were living is difficult to judge but the obvious pride in the Russian contribution to the space race is palpable and with the speed of progress in recent years we mustn’t forget that the modern mass communication we now take for granted was probably not even a dream back then let alone something close to reality.

Special thanks to SwellMap for letting us share some of his collection.


QSL Soviet Style Cards

QSL Soviet Style

Russia QSL Radio Card


73 QSL Russian card

Soviet QSL

Russia QSL

QSL Soviet

Russian QSL Card

Soviet card

QSL Russian

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