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Thirty Jet Magazine Covers

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First published in 1955 by John H. Johnson and still going to this day Jet magazine – so called because of the pace of change at the time – was and still is aimed squarely at the black community in America. Since its first weekly appearance on the shelves it has kept similar themes namely black politics, fashion and beauty tips, entertainment news, health tips and the staple of any modern-day magazine – dieting tips.

During the early days of the American Civil Rights movement the magazine gained a reputation for its hard-hitting coverage and walked where many other publications refused to tread for fear of upsetting advertisers.  Here we take a look at some covers from back in the day when it was printed in black and white (and it continued in monochrome until 1999). The combination of hard-nosed Afro-American news topics alongside celebrity gossip and fashion tips is a recipe they still use today and the blend of the serious with the light-hearted presumably works as they are not far off their 60th anniversary and still going strong.


Jet Magazine James Brown Cover


Jet Magazine The Beatles


Jet Magazine Dec 1967

Jet Brand Cover


Jet Ghetto Karate School

Jet Magazine


Fifth Dimension




Jet Magazine Bobby Womack




Richard Pryors Jet Magazine


Chaka Khan


Jet Magazine Miles Davis


Jet Magazine 1970


Stevie Wonder - Jet Magazine


Jet Magazine Freda Payne


Jet Richard Roundtree


Jet Magazine John Lennon




Jet Magazine Al Green


Jet Fifth Dimension


Jet Magazine Marvin Gaye


Isaac Hayes Oscar Jet Magazine


sly Stone Jet Magazine


Lou Rawls


Jet Mag


Donna Summer

Curtis Mayfield Jet Magazine


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