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Japanese Adverts From The Swinging Sixties

1960s, Ephemera, Retro Advertising • 42689 Views • Comments Off on Japanese Adverts From The Swinging Sixties

Here we take a look at some more cool Japanese Adverts from the swinging sixties. We’ve picked out a few ads that have caught our attention on our travels around the internet and as our Japanese reading skills are non-existent – we’ve chosen ones that have pretty pictures.

In our groovy gallery we have an unhappy woman with a Jazz band promoting the wonders of Colgate toothpaste, Some Action in a Bowling alley with a Dymo Labelwriter and a very serious looking lady with her dressing table in the great outdoors.


Japanese Case Advert 1960s

Japanese Bikini Advert 1960s

Camera Advert 1960s Japan

Japanese Wine Advert 1960s

Colgate Japanese Advert 1960s

Japanese Advert

Japanese 1960s Ace Tone Advert

Japanese Sixties Advert

Japanese Go Go Advert 1960s

1960s Japanese Shoe Advert

Japanese Dynmo Advert 1960s

Japanese Guitar Advert

Japanese Oil Advert 1960s

Japanese Tyre Advert 1960s

1960s Japanese Advert


Japanese Hitachi Advert

Japanese Shell Advert 1960s

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