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Pulped Fiction – Mills and Boon Book Covers

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Mills & Boon novels – hated by the literati who consider them to be clichéd, low-brow, formulaic and predictable. Loved by some 200 million readers a year worldwide mainly because they are clichéd, low-brow, formulaic and predictable. Whilst they are not necessarily our cup of tea you can’t deny they have a successful formula, they stick to it and it works.
Around 100 new Mills & Boon books are published each month under some 12 different imprints (we won’t go into too much detail but some of them do seem a bit rude) and they are only available for that month. Unsold books go on to be pulped. Since the ebook revolution Mills & Boon have gone on to sell more digital books than paper books and have managed to double their output in recent years. Some say this is because the digital books have no cover and consequently you can read what you want without anyone else knowing. We couldn’t possibly comment.


So being as there are fewer Mills & Boon covers around now it seems like as good a time as any to celebrate their cover art which as with the books is sure to divide opinion.



















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