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Clauia Cardinale and Turntable

Claudia Cardinale and The Record Player

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As links go this is pretty tenuous but our regular readers will know we are big fans of the aural medium known as vinyl and it just so happens we are also big fans of notably attractive European actresses from the 1960s and 70s. Put the two together and hey, we’ll post them up on the site for the world to see.

Claudia Cardinale’s career started when she won the ‘Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia’ contest hosted by the Italian embassy in 1957 (Italian men eh) – her father was from Sicily and her mother’s parents were also of Sicilian origin. That year saw her first celluloid appearance and she’s literally not stopped working since appearing in over 100 films with five of those being released in 2012 alone.

She’s never taken the Hollywood dollar and in fairness has never made any attempts to either, being happy to stay within the confines of the European film industry where most of her films have been Italian or French. Over her long career she’s won numerous awards and in 2011 was voted the seventh most beautiful woman in film history by the good readers of the Los Angeles Times. For English speaking film fans she’s probably best-known for starring alongside Peter Sellers in the 1963 comedy The Pink Panther and for pop trivia fans she was featured inside the gatefold on the original artwork for Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde album but the photo was removed from later issues, because it seems her agents were reluctant to have her promoting someone else’s work.

But hey, you don’t want to read all this trivia do you? Let’s cut to the chase, here we have the lovely Claudia Cardinale relaxing at home listening to Ella Fitzgerald records – does it get any better?



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