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This is London – Retro Book Covers

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London has always been an inevitable focal point for authors throughout the years, its sheer size and diversity making it an appealing and familiar setting that still retains a certain air of mystery.

Here we look at books or more specifically book covers centred around the capital from the 1960s. There’s the predictable tome about rhyming slang, the oddly titled Adolescent Boys of East London, Skin Deep in Soho (we’ll give you three guesses as to what that’s about) and one of our favourites, the sequel to the compellingly titled Sir, You Bastard, simply called You Nice Bastard. We can’t vouch for the contents of any of these books but the covers look great.


The Hammersmith Maggot

London Nobody Knows

London 1963

Soho Night and Day

Death of a Snout

You Nice Bastard

Flight into Camden

Using London

Cocney Cobblers

Discovering London Villages

The Future of London

Skin Deep in Soho

London The Unique City

Goodbye London

Adolescent Boys of London

The Establishment

Disco Dancing in London

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