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Spinnerin – On The Slopes

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Before the days of uber-technical outdoor equipment, believe it or not, people actually used to perform outdoorsy activities in pretty normal clothing. Edmund Hillary on his historic ascent of Everest in 1953 wore a tweed jacket and a pair of hobnail boots. Nowadays people can’t even pop out to the shops without wearing the latest waterproof breathable Gore-Tex innovation from North Face or Berghaus just in case they get lost or caught in a quick downpour. 

But hey, we digress. This is about people going skiing in home-made wooly jumpers and, appropriately enough, ski-pants.  Check out these excerpts from the Spinnerin knitting pattern catalogues for groovy skiwear from 1971. We’re not sure quite how long you’d last on a mountain in freezing temperatures wearing a pullover your mum knitted but the jumpers looks great and the models seem happy enough. Folk were made of sterner stuff back then.

VoEA Fashion Prediction: We hereby predict that these styles will be making a triumphant return to the catwalks of London and Paris any time soon. You heard it here first OK! 


Style No. 678

Spinnerin On the Slopes

Style No. 672 & 673

Style No. 682

Style No. 681

Style No. 695

Style No. 687

Style No. 698

Style No. 696 & 697

Style No. 700

Style No. 699

Style No. 705

Style No. 674 & 675

Spinnerin On The Slopes

All Images From The Pie Shops

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