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Barack Obama’s Jazz – Album Cover Inspired Designs

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One of our main unwritten rules here at VoEA Heights is that we stay well away from both religion and politics. Therein lies the road to loads of trouble! However we all know rules are here to be broken and when we saw this it seemed just too cool to pass by so allow us a brief moment to dip our toe into the political pond water and do our bit for the 2012 US elections.

Many people consider JFK to have been the coolest ever US president and whilst we admire his effortless nay timeless Ivy League style we are big fans here of the present incumbent and are actually quite jealous of our friends across the pond. Whatever it is that makes people cool (and we don’t pretend to know for one minute what that indefinable ‘thing’ is) Barack Obama has it in droves. David Cameron most certainly doesn’t. 

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