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Know The Game Book Series

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Know the Game is a series of sports and hobby books that have been published for over fifty years. The books are aimed at people who want to learn about the basics of a sport.

Most of the books were written in collaboration with the official governing body for the sport, so all the information and rules were bang up to date. Here we have some of the cool, basic and well designed book covers from the sixties and seventies.

know the game - badminton

know the craft - modelmaking

know the game - life saving

know the game - map reading

know the game - rock climbing

know the game - wrestling

know the game - underwater swimming

know the game - judo

know the weather

know the game - rifle shooting

know the game - sailing

know the game - weight lifting

know the game - swimming

know the game - caravanning

know the game - simple gymnastic activities

know the game - basketball

know the game - weight training

know the game -sailing

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