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On Campus – University of Nebraska Omaha

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Here we have some more On Campus pictures from the past, this time we’ve been rummaging around the Flickr pages of the University of Nebraska Omaha.

We’ve picked out an assortment of pictures from their online library, including a mini skirt measuring competition in May 1969, some students record shopping in the early seventies and a groovy home economics class in 1972.

Students on Pep Bowl Grass_1970


01_First Day of School_Fall_1969

Wrestling Queens_11-70_1160

Spring Prom_March 1970

01_Biology Class_AH_1970

Paul Prior and Biology Lab_1970s

31_Boostrappers on Campus_1970


Art Students_No Smoking_70s

Bookstore Entrance_1972

Buying LPs in MBSC_Fall 72_2

12_Home Economics_72-73

Homecoming Candidates_1970

Angels_Toys 4 Tots_1970

Joslyn Music Annex Classroom_1972_01

Pep Bowl Studying_1974

Fixing a Pinball Machine_Fall 72

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