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Be-In Music Festival

Be-In Music Festival – Vancouver Canada

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Following hot on the heels of the original Human Be-In staged in San Francisco on January 14th 1967 many promoters saw an opportunity and decided to follow suit. Be-Ins sprung up all across the U.S. West Coast and even as far north as Canada.  The Vancouver Be-In held at Stanley Park was a central part of the Canadian counter-culture revolution from its first inception on the Easter weekend of 1967 through to the mid-Seventies when it finally closed its doors for the last time.

It was initially organised and promoted by a young 19 year-old local lad called Jerry Kruz. He had started off a few years earlier with a Vancouver club night called Afterthought, had booked a few local bands and then graduated on to hiring the Grateful Dead to perform in June 1966. After they played a couple of nights at Afterthought they stayed in Vancouver for a few days and having had a look around showed an interest in playing an outdoor gig in a bandstand on the outskirts of Stanley Park. The performance was a roaring success bringing traffic to a halt and grabbing headlines in the local press. This is reputed to be one of the first ever outdoor psychedelic gigs and set the blue-print for future concerts.


Using this experience and with a certain amount of youthful naivety Jerry Kruz hosted the first Canadian Be-In in a public park over the Easter weekend and somehow it worked. Country Joe & The Fish headlined in 1967 and being such a big name at the time ensured its success (good weather also helped!). The promotional poster’s strapline was: ‘Country Joe and the Fish bring music, bells, song and dance for six days’. The Stanley Park Be-In continued for another 8 years or so until, like muchof the counter-culture movement it fizzled out and moved on. Here we look at the latter days of the Be-In during 1970 & 73 and see the Canadian side of the counter-culture revolution. 




 Seeds of Time, Vancouver Be-In 1971

Easter Be-In, Vancouver 1973

19700101 Be-In Crowd at Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

Flower children, Vancouver 1973

Stanley Park Be-In Dancing, Vancouver BC 1970

The Crow, Vancouver 1973

19700094b Be-In Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

Easter Be-In (2), Vancouver 1973

19700094a Be-In Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

Crowd at Easter Be-In, Vancouver 1973

Easter Be-In Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

Be-In Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

Be-In Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

19700103b Easter Be-In at Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1970

19700103c David 'Sorry' at Easter Be-In, Vancouver BC 1970

19700091 Heading to Stanley Park Be-In, Vancouver BC 1970

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