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DJ Mix – Seven Steps For Better Listening

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When he’s not harassing the good ladies working in charity shops or rooting round car boot sales on a weekend our resident dusty crate beat digger and all-round vinyl nerd can be found knee-deep in the ‘net looking for little-known gems of the digital variety. As with all these things he doesn’t come up with truly special items every day of the week but on this occasion he’s excelled himself and uncovered something we think is really rather good.

Those of you who recall DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s ‘Brainfreeze’ from many, many moons ago will be familiar with the format. Take a shed load of very rare and hard-to-find records mix them together with some amusing vocal clips and make a mixtape. Sounds easy in theory; however in practice it is anything but. Seven Steps for Better Listening may be a few years behind Messrs Shadow and Chemist but the wait has definitely been worth it. Created by Sebo Sellout and Flow One, it took almost twelve months to make and is what they call a ‘modern, multi-track break and sample mix’. It samples some 180 records from all over the World varying from Boy Scout flutes to psychedelic folk via Persian fuzz funk.

We highly recommend this and can see why it took such a long time to put together – it is quality. Check it out below, relax and enjoy the Seven Steps for Better Listening.

7 steps for better listening by Sebo Sellout & Flowone on Mixcloud

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