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MAD Magazine Spoof Adverts

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William M. Gaines was the publisher of MAD Magazine, while he was there he refused to include any sort of advertising in his publication. This gave him the opportunity to spoof  anything he wished.

Here are some of the magazine’s satirical adverts, including a parody of the Foster Grant’s sunglasses advertising campaign which featured various celebrities from the 1960s including Woody Allen and Raquel Welch


MAD Magazine October 1964
MAD Magazine April 1965
MAD Magazine July 1965
MAD Magazine September 1965
MAD Magazine October 1965
MAD Magazine March 1966
MAD Magazine June 1966
MAD Magazine July 1966
MAD Magazine April 1967
MAD Magazine July 1967
MAD Magazine September 1967
MAD Magazine December 1967
MAD Magazine October 1968
MAD Magazine June 1969

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