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Mocker Mobile – Harley Davidson Scooter

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Back in the mid-Sixties it seems you were either a mod or a rocker and there was no middle ground. That meant if you were into two-wheeled transport you either rode a scooter (mod) or a motorbike (rocker) and spent bank holiday weekends fighting each other at seaside resorts mostly in the south-east of England.


Now being the broad minded folk we are here at VoEA we’d like to think there’s maybe some middle ground between being a mod and a rocker. In fact to echo Ringo Starr in a scene from 1964’s ‘Hard Day’s Night’ when asked if he was a mod or a rocker he replied “I’m a mocker”. We reckon if mockers had been around in the 60s they’d have most likely ridden a cross between a scooter and a motorbike and we think we may have uncovered such a beast.


Ladies, gentlemen, mods, rockers and especially mockers we present to you the Harley Davidson Scooter. We know little about the provenance of this particular mongrel but suffice to say scooters were big business back in the late-Fifties and Sixties and Harley Davidson obviously realised this. Quite how long its production run was and how many numbers it sold we really don’t know – perhaps our ever knowledgeable scooter-riding readers could enlighten us?


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Harley Davidson Jr.

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