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In The Basement – The Kenny Dope Mixes

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Back in May 2011 we featured a Soul Trippin’ mix by Kenny Dope, this time we bring you more of his funky stuff in two recent Saturday Basement mixes.

The first one is a Jazz Funk 45s mix which blends together old favourites like the Jackson Five to new acts such as The Hackney Colliery Band. Next is a Hip-Hop Breaks mix where The Ultramagnetic MC’s meet Tito Puente with a bit of Kashmere Stage Band thrown in for good measure.

Kenny Dope – Just in the basement bugging out with some more 45’s n’joy da weekend mix !!!!.

Kenny Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks ‘Saturday Basement Mix 2012’ by Kenny Dope

1.Funk Thing-Sons of Darkness (P&P)
2.Loving You Is Far Out-The 6 Degree South (6o)
3.Touch Me Take Me-Rita Wright (Dusty Fingers)
4.Stay On Point-DeRobert and The Half-Truths (G.E.D. Soul)
5.The Song I Sing-Cookin’ Bag (Solid Gold)
6.Reply Me-Little Barrie (Non-Delux)
7.Cosa Nostra-Red Devils (Stoned Circus)
8.Dennis The Fox-Filedriver (Scorpio Sounds)
9.Peace Dance-Woody Carr (Jerden)
10.G & S-Diabolical Two (Gday)
11.Jessie’s Party-Crawdad Farmers (Lake-Side)
12.Baker’s Dozen-The SIimonsound (Project Blue Book)
13.Get Up,Get Involved-Wolfpack (White)
14.It’s Great To Be Here-The Jackson Five (Death Breaks)
15.Hot Wind-Hell’s Bells (Sidewalk)
16.Friend Or Foe-Chantal Mitvalsky (Hoe Street)
17.Money-Hackney Colliery Band (Wah Wah)
18.Izzy Come,Izzy Go-The Funk Revolution (Sunstreet)
19.Sitar Beat-Klaus Doldinger (Eastern Eye)
20.Pick N Roll-The Stance Brothers (Stance)
21.Who Stole My Cookie-The Phillips Bros. (We The People)
22.Tight Situation-The Gospel Communicators (Soul-Full)
23.Smash Pt.2-Damn Sam The Miracle Man (Kay-Dee)
24.Bongo Rock Machine-The Bongo Rockers (School Yard Breaks)
25.Hit and Run-Chip Wickham (White)
26.Swahili-Andre Tanker (Soundway)

Kenny Dope Hip Hop & Breaks Saturday Basement Mix #2 April 2012 by Kenny Dope

1.Time Leak/Redef Damu Remix-Union Ft Talib Kweli & Sly Johnson (Fatbeats)
2.Chit Chat-Natural Yogurt Band (Jazzman)
3.Year Of Hip Hop-LL Cool J (Slice Of Spice)
4.This Was A Time-Dee Felice Trio (Adiddas Originals)
5.Give The Drummer Some-Ultramagnetic Mc’s (Adiddas Originals)
6.Greedy G-Mr.Chop (Now Again)
7.Yellow Soul Force-Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro (Jazzman)
8.Head Wiggle-Kashmere Stage Band (Kram)
9.Take It Easy/Kenny Dope Mix-Brass Construction (Kay-Dee)
10.Soul Power-The Soul Surfers (Funk Night)
11.King Kong-Big T Tyler (Aladdin)
12.Signs- J Dilla (Stones Throw)
13.Keep On Doin’-The Isley Brothers (T Neck)
14.Breakloose Ft. DJ Scratch-Rasheed Chappell (Kay-Dee)
15.Soul To The People Pt.1-The Fantastic Souls (Kay-Dee)
16.Hit The Bongo-Tito Puente (Tico)
17.I’Ve Got What You Need-Mary Jane Hooper (Power Pac)
18.Obsession 77-Atomic Forest (Now Again)
19.Thank You-York Wilborn’s Psychedelic Six (Now Again)

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