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Cool Vintage Pictures From Calendars

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Usually on January the first most people have binned their previous year’s calendar in favour of a fresh new one to go with their New year’s resolutions. Luckily for us (and you) some people decided to hold on to the Opel 1970 calendar and thought the 1967 Lambretta calendar starring Jean Shrimpton wasn’t quite ready to meet the rubbish dump.

And if you take a look through this cool selection from a 1969 International Times calendar to a Hanna Barbera 1977 one, we think you’ll agree that they were well worth saving from the clutches of the bin man.



International Times 1969 Calendar
Mars 1968
1960s Advertising - Calendar - Duco (Italy)
Carnaby Street
1970 Opel Calendar
1969 Pirelli Calendar
Pirelli 1970 Calendar

1970's Calendar Towel and Fabrics

1970 - KHJ 1970 Souvenir Calendar
The Wonderful 1970 Party Book And Calendar BN0061 Cover 2
1970 Opel Commodore
1970 Opel Calendar
HB Calendar 1974
1973Calendar (1)

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