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The Complete Book of Decorating 1976

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A lounge with built in storage units for records. With alphabetically labelled compartments. Bring us the time machine now! While wandering around the Internet looking at room interiors from days gone by, we discovered these pictures from a 1976 book titled The Complete Book of Decorating.

Apart from the colourful 1970’s decor, you can also see some pastimes of the era. There’s pipe smoking, casually lounging with friends, doing jigsaw puzzles or if you were younger at the time, some under the kitchen table junior carpentry.



70s bachelor pad


black and silver kitchen diner

red and white check bathroom

stanley kubrick researches AI

groovy 70s people
70s girl does jigsaw
70s woman watches tv
green pop kitchen

sophisticated bedsit

red hall

under the table

giant green worm
corduroy sofa

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