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Rock Dreams – Artwork of Guy Peellaert

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Belgian artist Guy Peellaert is the man responsible for the album cover of ‘Diamond Dogs’ by David Bowie – the one where he’s been illustrated as a half-man, half-dog creature. He also produced the artwork for the Rolling Stones album ‘It’s only Rock’n’Roll’.

Peellaert’s big break came when he illustrated the comic strip Les Aventures de Jodelle, published in 1966 in the French magazine Hara-Kir. His designs were heavily influenced by pop art and psychedelia, we’ll feature this period in a future post. He also designed the poster for the 1976 Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver.

Guy Peellaert’s artwork was compiled into several best selling books including the million selling 1973 book Rock Dreams, which was written with British rock journalist Nic Cohn. Most of the original artwork from the book was bought by actor Jack Nicholson.

There’s over 80 illustrations so we’ve picked out a few of favourites. In our selection we have Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke shooting pool, a weird-eyed Who, a meeting of soul greats and a picture of Keith Richards portrayed as a pirate years before he made his film debut in the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Rock Dreams: The Beach Boys

Rock Dreams: Brian Wilson

Rock Dreams: The Beatles #2

Rock Dreams: The Who

Rock Dreams: Ray Davies

Rock Dreams: The Rolling Stones #6

Rock Dreams: Superstar Bob

Rock Dreams: Otis Redding

Rock Dreams: Smokey Robinson

Rock Dreams: Aretha Franklin

Rock Dreams: Wilson Pickett nd Solomon Burke

Rock Dreams: Stevie Wonder

Rock Dreams: Tina Turner #2

Rock Dreams: The Supremes

Rock Dreams: Joe Tex

Rock Dreams: Chairmen of the Board

Rock Dreams: The Jackson Five

Rock Dreams: Diana Ross

Rock Dreams: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Rock Dreams: The Who

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