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Martial Arts – Seventies Film Posters

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In a 2007 interview Quentin Tarantino said “Grindhouses were usually in the ghetto. Or they were the big old downtown movie theaters that sometimes stayed open all night long, for all the bums. At the grindhouse that I went to, every week there was the new kung fu movie”

As you can guess from this quote there’s no shortage of kung fu and karate exploitation film posters from the 1970s, we could of filled a few pages with them. However we’ve picked a page full of our favourites from The Chinese Godfather to Kung-fu Mama, we hope you enjoy our Bruce Lee-less selection.


1974 shen long xiao hu chuang jiang hu 01
1973 hei dai chou qiu 01
1973 zhui ming qiang 01
1973 ma tou da jue dou 01
1973 bamboo brotherhood 01
1973 ze wang 01
1973 tang ren piao ke 01
1972 chou lian huan 01
1972 da sha shou 01
1972 hei lu 01
1972 tian xia di yi quan 01
1972 chung kuo ren 01
1972 he qi dao 01
1972 chou 01
1971 guang dong xiao lao hu 01
1971 tou tiao hao han 01
1971 du bei chuan wang 01
1970 long hu dou 01
1975 the fury of the black belt 01
1974 shan dong lao niang 01
1974 lang bei wei jian 01
1974 si da tian wang 01
1973 tou hao tie ren 01
1973 street gangs of hong kong 01

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