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Psychedelic Snack – Retro Recipes and Cookbooks

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Now, for those expecting to see recipes involving magic mushrooms and marijuana, we don’t mean that sort of Psychedelic Snack -The title refers to the groovy gourmet related covers (also it was a good chance to use some Motown wordplay courtesy of The Temptations)

There are a couple of interesting cookbooks within our choices. Firstly is “Teen Cuisine – A Beginner’s Guide To French Cooking” this one has well-known psychedelic graphic artist Peter Max adding his unique style of illustration to the book. The second book of interest is “Moogs Musical Eatery” as you may have guessed by the name, this 1978 book was written by Shirleigh Moog, wife of the inventor of the ‘Moog synthesizer’ Robert Moog.We hope you enjoy our selection, now tuck in…


The Easy Can Opener Cookbook

cool book from my mom

zodiac cookbook
The Well-Dressed Dessert
Cooking with Astrology, 1969
Cook-In Groovy
The Groovy Era Of Gelatine.
Surprise Party
Helen Gurley Brown's Single Girl's Cookbook
The Proof of the Pudding
Betty Crocker's Continental Casseroles front
Greenwich Village cookbook
How to keep him cookbook

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