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Messin’ About On The River – 1960s Boat Brochure

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‘There are boats made from kits that’ll reach you in bits For messin’ about on the river’

Now, we’re not sure if these lyrics from Tony Hatch’s water themed song apply to these cool illustrations from an early Sixties boat catalogue, because we have to confess our nautical-knowledge is very sparse.

Normal boating activities such as Diving and Fishing are shown in this Dorsett Marine 1963-1964 brochure, but also displayed are more adventurous antics, such as shooting at fish before getting stuck into a can of beer and river racing with some Flamingos.

Skin-Diving for Hot-Dogs

American Flag / Japanese Kite

Never Swim Naked Where Parrots Live in Trees

It Used to Be a Cadillac Eldorado

Chasing Flamingos at Cypress gardens

Maybe More Beer Will Steady Thier Shot

I Just Caught the Fish, Now Let's Split!

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