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Faux Design – Record and Book Covers

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You wont find the Televista Moods 2 album on the Hampshire University labelwhile flicking through records at a car boot sale, neither will you see The Pigeon Fancier’s Gambit on the bookshelves of Oxfam, as all of these excellent designs are completely made-up.

Previously we’ve featured redesigned posters and re-imagined record and book covers, this time we’re focusing on the work of graphic designer Julian Montague. He has taken the cover design idea a step further, his creations are entirely fake from the worn-looking designs to the imaginative titles.

You have to applaud Mr Montague for just coming up with a unique title for each design, that is quite an achievement in itself. Collectively the book designs are called Volumes from an Imagined Intellectual History of Animals Architecture and Man. Julian tells us on his website about the influence behind the record cover designs “They are inspired, in part, by Ronald Clyne’s work for Smithsonian Folkways in the 60s and 70s”.

Here we have a few of his designs, if you want to see the whole collection wander over to his website The Montague projects, it’s well worth a visit.

televista moods vol.2 album cover

Sound Patterns

Audio Atlas of an Infestation

Cricket Songs of the Shandong Peninsula

Electronic Cicadas

Field Interview Series: Pest Control Workers Vol. 3

Le sous-sol
The Pigeon Fancier's Gambit
Collateral Architectures
The Cellar Archipelago
Wildlife Incursions into Modern Architecture
The Engagement
Black Kite
An Infinte Kingdom
Alone in the Superorganisim

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