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Blaxploitation B-Movie Posters

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It has to be said that the majority of films in the Blaxploitation genre from the 1970s are not very good. These days they are better known for their soul and funk-filled soundtracks, rather than the acting or the story.

The term Blaxploitation was made-up in the early 1970s by the head of the Los Angeles National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People – Junius Griffin.The group were also partly responsible for the demise of the genre, as many of the films were seen to be stereotyping Black people.

In this post we’ve swerved all the major players of the Blaxploitation films, so there’s no Shaft or Super fly on the list. We’ve also excluded The Hit man (Get Carter remake) and swapped the horror movie Blacula for Black Frankenstein.These posters are for films which had much lower budgets, commonly known as B-Movies, and we assume that most of these would of made films such as Dolemite look like Citizen Kane.

1975 candy tangerine man 01
1975 bucktown 01
1975 the black street fighter 01
1975 long zheng hu dou jing wu hun 01
1975 cleopatra jones and the casino of gold 01
1975 welcome home brother charles 01
1975 force four 01
1975 tnt jackson 01
1975 black lolita 01
1975 friday foster 01
1975 darktown strutters 01
1974 baby needs a new pair of shoes 01
1974 dynamite brothers 02
1974 dynamite brothers 01
1974 black samson 01
1974 super dude 01
1974 mean mother 01
1974 xia  an yang 01
1974 bamboo gods and iron men 01
1974 the black godfather 01
1974 sugar hill 01
1973 the black six 01
1973 blackenstein 01
1973 sweet jesus preacher man 01
1972 the final comedown 02
1972 top of the heap 01
1972 melinda 01



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