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Vintage Recording Studio Gear

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We’re not going to pretend we know much about Vintage recording studio gear – because we don’t. We just like these Sixties and Seventies magazine adverts for the images and designs, the cool fonts and the bizarre slogans like “The machine that speaks two languages. Longhair and Long Hair”. 

Westrex 1972

Telefunken 1974
Studer A62 1969
Stephens multitrack 1974
Stephens 40-track
Scully 100 1971
Russco headroom 1974
RCA mics 1970
Neve 1975
Mastering Lab Stanton 1975
Ampex MM-1200 1976
Ampex MM1000 1969
Ampex AG-440C 1975
kendun micmix
Audio Designs

Ampex AG-440 1968

Gauss 1400 1969

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