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Sock It To ‘Em – Retro Advertising

1960s, Ephemera, Fashion, Retro Advertising • 18122 Views • Comments Off on Sock It To ‘Em – Retro Advertising

We guess that advertising socks must of been a pretty tough task. Apart from the pictures and the numerous play on word titles like “He’s got socks appeal”, there’s not too much you can say about a pair of socks.

Despite this we’ve found some cool adverts scattered around the internet from the 1950s to 1970s. 


Viking Socks
Dance The Sock 1
Interwoven - 1978
Vintage Ad #1,065: Socks to match your golf shirt!
Al Hirt Had Some Jazzy Socks 3640
Sneakers & Socks 1970's

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