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Paris in Spring

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May 1968 saw the first wildcat strikes over France, in particular Paris. It started when students began to protest against University administrators and the police, and it broke out in Lycees and Universities all over the city. Ending in riots and massive strikes all over the country, the government of the time was nearly brought to a standstill, and Parlaimentary elections were arranged for June. This huge time of unrest was seen as a watershed moment in modern French history, as French society rejected the stricter more conservative outlook, and adopted a liberal stance.We’d like to illustrate this brief period, through our love of poster art. The posters that were made by the protesters, had a style reminiscent of the communist posters we have featured earlier in the blog. Bold, stark imagery, simple design, and lack of colour, get the message across extremely well, and in our opinion look very striking too. We hope you enjoy this small selection we’ve found. Utter the words ‘Mai 68’ to a Frenchman, and he will instantly know to what you are referring….
paris 1968 #8
paris 1968 #10
paris 1968 #20
paris 1968 #17
paris 1968 #9
paris 1968 #31
Paris 1968_Return to normal
Atelier Populaire,
1968 mai RATP tiendra
1968 mai Et Après
1968 mai l'élan est donné
1968 mai Unité Ouvriers Paysans
1968 mai Les CRS sont aussi des hommes
1968 mai l'Etat c'est chacun de nous
Non a la bureaucratie

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