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The Most Successful World Fair – Expo 67

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An astounding 50 million people visited the International and Universal Exposition or Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada from April to October 1967. On the third day there were 569,000 visitors, setting a single-day attendance record for a world fair. These figures are why it’s considered the most successful World’s fair of the 20th Century.

In May The Ed Sullivan show was broadcast from Expo 67, one episode featured The Supremes as guests.Thelonious Monk, Tiny Tim, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane also performed to crowds at the exhibition . 

As you can see from some of these postcards the exhibition had various pavillions representing different nations. The most popular was the Soviet Union’s one which had 13 million visitors.



Air Canada Pavilion at Expo '67 - Montreal, Quebec

Expo 67 - pulp and paper

Alcan Pavilion - Expo '67

Pavilion of the Province of Quebec, Expo67

Expo Theatre, Expo67

The Canadian Pacific-Cominco Pavilion, Expo67

Alcan Pavilion, Expo67

Pavilion of France, Expo67

View on Cite Du Havre, Expo67

State of New York Pavilion, Expo67

Great Britain Pavilion, Expo67

The Great Britain Pavilion, Expo67

The Pavilion of the Soviet Union, Expo67

The Pavilion of the Soviet Union at Night, Expo67

Man in the Community and Man and His Health Complex, Expo67

Pavilion of the United States at Expo '67 - Montreal, Quebec

The Pavilion of Burma

Great Britain Pavilion [EX107]



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