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Bring A Pack Lunch

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We don’t really do irony here at VOEA, we tend to feature what we like, love, or find interesting at least. And this is no exception… It’s lunchboxes. 

Noticed a few beauties around, so decided to get a few pics of some faves. Now I’m not suggesting we should go out and buy a Charlies Angels lunchbox off eBay, and strut around the warehouse at lunchtime, but it may be time to upgrade at least. Get your favourite tv prog on there, show your love of disco, or simply, have a slightly more joyful experience whilst hammering through the classic British combo of sandwich, crisps, and a banana/apple. As far as the contents go, don’t compete with the Asians, they got it great, although a lot of Chinese also have a regular combo platter of chickens neck and head, with rice, which isn’t as bad as it sounds….

So, in these spendthrift times, make a packed lunch, try to be healthy and have a varied diet, and treat your lunch with the dignity it deserves. By carrying it in a lunchbox that says…. I dunno, I love Knight Rider for instance. Now, what about tomorrow, cheese and cucumber I think….




lunchbox 3

Twinkie Lunchbox

Yellow Submarine lunchboxes

New Lunchbox!!!

Operation: Doomsday lunchbox.

Bullwinkle and Rocky Lunchbox

ALF Lunchbox

Gentle Ben

Welcome Back Kotter Lunchbox

H.R. Pufnstuf: 1970

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