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The Sugar Mixtape by DJ Kozi

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Tasty “Sugar” themed mix by DJ Kozi from France. This eclectic selection of tunes came to our attention via the Egotripland.com website.

DJ Kozi blends together different genres of music in the mix. The Rolling Stones rock out to Brown Sugar, there’s Old skool Hip Hop from the Sugarhill Gang and on the Soul side there’s D’Angelo, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder….Sweet!

Tracklist: True Romance skit – Rolling Stones: brown sugar – Wild Sugar: bring it here – Sugarhill Gang: apache – Les Valseuses skit – Kool & The Gang: sugar – Experience Unlimited: knock him out sugar ray – Stevie Wonder: sugar – Donny Hathaway: sugar tee – O.C.: sugar – Black Sugar: when you’re walking – Mr. White skit – Bobbi Humphrey: sweeter than sugar – Suga: what’s up star – AZ ft. Miss Jones: sugar hill (l.e.s. remix) – Black Sugar: the looser – D’Angelo: brown sugar.

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