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Hanging out with Muhammad Ali

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Although we’ve not featured Muhammad Ali, the boxer has appeared on the blog a couple of times. Once in our Bill Withers post, where he’s pictured hanging out with the Soul singer and another time in the story of the mighty Andre the Wrestler.

We’ve had a rummage around the World wide web for photos of the former boxer hanging around with other famous people and we’ve found a few.

Back in the days when heavyweight boxing was interesting Muhammed Ali was the undisputed King of the World. He had it all – good looks, oodles of charm, a quick wit and a handy right hook. In his prime he not only outboxed his rivals he outthought them such was his superiority. Stars were literally queuing up to have their photos taken with him and to this day there has never been a better boxer in the ring. Ali truly was The Greatest.


Ali ettaEtta James









Actors Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges





Marvin Gaye





Bob Dylan





Michael Jackson





Ali and The BeatlesThe Beatles





Sammy Davis Junior





Elvis Presley





Martin Luther King





Stevie Wonder





The Jacksons





Sam Cooke





Malcolm X





Ali and James BrownJames Brown





Andy WarholAndy Warhol


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