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Vinyl Hookups – Records That Were Meant For Each Other

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Vinyl Album Covers that were meant for each other. Here we have a creative mash-up of LP covers from Epiclectics Flickr page 
Who Are We To Judge?
Lick It Up
Three Crowd an Empty Glass
Other Worldly
Fire and Ice
Shark Attack-for-Two
That Happy Dance Party Feeling
Wishbone Rocket Fuel
Where There's a Will, There's a 3-Way
Confrontational Disks
The Bowietown Rats
Midnight At The Hot Tub
Careful with that Axe, Eugene
In Tennies In Ten Cities
Nothing Up His Sleeve
Squealing For Joy
Exposing Burl Wood
How You Doin'?
Abban Sherman
It's A Man's World
Battle Hymn of the Trammps
Wine Women Song and Smokes
International Relations
Sniper of Love
Cocker Moms
Ted Nugent, Mitch Miller and the Sing-Along Gang Scratch Leslie Uggam's Cat on Fever TV
Hot Rocks For Bee-Bops
Phil Jean-Michel Lomax
America Strips
Fish 'n Chips
It's A Man's World
Before and After You've Been Experienced
Restrain Your Giant Organ
Hugo and the Corn Huskers
Martin DeVillexotica
Submit To The Strat

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