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Shop Around – 1976 Argos Catalogue

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Argos established itself as a British catalogue retailer in 1973, after Green Shield stamps founder Richard Tompkins thought of the idea while on a Greek holiday in the city of (Yep, you guessed it) Argos.

Here we go back to the super seventies and take a look at the pages of the the 1976 CatalogueFlicking through this catalogue is similar to visiting a really good car boot sale or a trip to London;s Camden Market, but in book form.

All the classic Seventies items are in the catalogue,including the Spacehopper, Six Million dollar man doll, Lava lamps, Sodastream , orange rocket lamp and the chopper style bikes. If this is your era or you have a passion for retro stuff, enjoy a scroll down memory lane. 

Argos 1976 Catalogue

Argos 1976 Catalogue

Argos 1976 Catalogue Watches

Argos 1976 Catalogue Hairdryers

Argos 1976 Catalogue Lighters

Argos 1976 Catalogue Toys

Argos Catalogue Spacehopper

Argos Catalogue Games 1976

Argos Catalogue Toys 1976 Outdoor Games

  Argos Catalogue Bikes 1976

Argos Catalogue Golf 1976

Argos Catalogue Keep Fit 1976

Argos Catalogue Cassette Players 1976

Argos Catalogue Record Players 1976

Argos 1976 Record Players

Argos Catalogue 1976 Record Boxes

Argos Catalogue Clocks 1976

Argos Catalogue Lampshades 1976

Argos Catalogue Oil Lamps 1976

Argos Catalogue Bedding 1976

Argos Catalogue Furniture 1976

Argos Catalogue Kitchen 1976